• To manage the House of Representatives proceedings such as producing notice of meetings to Members and government agencies, provide Order Papers, process and edit questions for oral answers and written as well as to prepare the minute meeting (votes and running of meetings).
  • To manage tabling of Government Bills, Private Bills and Adjournment Speech. 
  • To manage tabling of Bills, presenting the Bills for Royal Assent and informing the Attorney General to gazette it. 
  • To manage tabling of Parliamentary Papers such as Command Paper, Statute and the process of gazetting it. 
  • To prepare the Hansard for Parliamentary proceedings and other Committees under the House of Representatives.
  • To do simultaneous interpretation during the proceeding of the House and other official functions i.e. seminar, conference.
  • To do consecutive interpretation during visit of foreign guests and official functions of Parliament. 
  • To do translation of Order Paper and other Parliamentary documents such as Special Select Committee Report and Hansard on request. 
  • To do translation of the Official Portal of Parliament.
  • To ensure the safety and security in the House before, during and after each Meeting.
  • To neatly arrange all documents on each Members table after the completion of the circulation duties.
  • To ensure the safety, maintenance and safe-keeping of the Mace. 
  • To be the Secretariat for the Opening of Parliament, Pre-Proceeding Meeting of Parliament together with government agencies, Speakers' Conference for all Legislative Assemblies and the committee that are formed under the House such as Committee of Selection, House Committee for House of Representatives and Special Select Committee.
  • To conduct research and to compare the proceedings of the House of Representatives and the Select Committee established based on the practice and convention of foreign Parliaments.  
  • To prepare Committee Report and to coordinate its tabling.
  • To manage the databank for oral and written questions, motions from Parliamentarians, answers from Ministries, Bills and Select Committee and Special Select Committee Reports.
  • To publish Proceeding Reports for Select Committees and Special Select Committees Meetings. 
  • To ensure visitors and guests comply with all rules during their visits and courtesy calls.
  • To ensure the security during the sitting of the House of Representatives and Committee Meetings. 

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